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About Me

I am a New Yorker that graduated from NYU's CSD Program whom raises awareness by Creating American Sign Language Beauty Tutorials. 

I wanted to reach the Deaf community which is a community that is rarely involved in beauty tutorials because of the communication barrier. I noticed right then and there, imagine somebody from the Deaf community trying to watch videos online and the subtitles probably are not available or the subtitles are misleading. That’s what really pushed me even more to want to continue to do it.

I strive to raise awareness on the importance of Communicative Resources such as Closed Captioning & ASLMy American Sign Language has evolved and definitely my involvement. I really want to make more New Yorkers or fellow organizations aware about the importance of Deaf Schools & it’s Resources for the kids of tomorrow.

I feel like at this point, our platforms should be, if not Bilingual, then Multilingual. If we have the advantage where we know more than one language, use it.

I started Cat Signs Shop to bring ASL Jewelry into both the Deaf & Hearing Communities in order for both worlds to come together & cherish ASL. A portion of sales have been donated to Mill Neck Foundation in 2019 & 2020, so I will be donating again to mill neck or another Deaf organization for 2021. 

Happy New Year! May this year bring us joy, happiness, prosperity, wealth & success!